The Kombucha of Strangers

Jungle Scenes

We spent the last week having an wonderful time in the Amazon Rainforest.  Quite the experience!  It is the low season for tourists, so there were nights when we were the only people in our lodge.

Prior to the jungle, we definitely ate some things in some places that would have made our travel doctor cry.  I can only say that I think I heard the gurgles of a mighty battle between the good bacteria I have stocked away in my guts through the regular consumption of ferments and the not-so-good bacteria we picked up in some definitively non-gringo eating spots.  The science here is fuzzy* but I think my good guys might have taken some casualties, and I was sad not to have access to my ferments for reinforcements.

Enter Simone, a traveler who arrived at one of our jungle lodges with a tour group.  She somehow managed to bring some bottles of kombucha in her checked bags from Portland with no explosions.  And in the true spirit of fermentation, she offered us some slugs of the good stuff.  I cannot express how grateful I was for the refill!  So thanks, Simone, if you’re out there!  Even in the jungle, the kindness (and kombucha) of strangers can build up what’s been brought down!

Anyway, that’s it for the short road posts on horrible wifi.  I’ll be leaving my now-beloved Peru and heading home for Christmas.  Real posts should be back next week!


*this in no way resembles scientific understanding of any kind.  This is my kindergarten imagining of what is going on in there, based entirely on (perhaps ironically) a book about Louis Pasteur I had when I was a kid.