Sea Cucumbers

Can you say sea cucumbers?

Can you say sea cucumbers?

This isn’t a post, it’s a photo share.  This caught my eye when I moved my cucumber pickles! It looks like an ocean floor scene, doesn’t it? The dill fronts are sea weed, mustard seeds play the role of the sandy floor, there’s a little garlic fish diving into the underbrush and some oolong tea living the kelp life.  I love when unexpected beauty occurs!


  1. narf7 says

    OOO I love it when ferments go all perty like! These are some pretty pickles Ms Phickle and as happy as I am watching my kefir bubble around in it’s non-dairy milky happy way and my booch trickle out bubbles like a slow-mo asteroid I love the aesthetics of your ferment. Ferments meet art…a brave new world! :)

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