Dairy Paradise: A Look at the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

I’m currently in Vermont for a fermentation vacation. In addition to two point five days with the Fermento-In-Chief (more on that coming soon), I was able to attend the Vermont Cheesemaker’s Festival at Shellburne Farms.  There were inventive cooking demos (cooking with cheese and chocolate, using the byproducts of cheese making for flavorful meals), glorious tastings (pairing Vermont’s ice wines with its varied dairy, comparing Vermont cheese with the Euro versions after which they were styled) AND SO MUCH CHEESE. Special cheese. SO MUCH SPECIAL CHEESE. Jake and I made our way through the marketplace a few times and bought more than a few cheeses. The point is to celebrate the totally righteous local curd world, but amongst the creameries, breweries, bakeries, cideries, wineries and sausageries, there were incredible bargains. Like seriously incredible bargains.

Bargains were not expected, of course, nor were they the point. The point was community, reasonably-scaled agriculture and connection to our food and the people and animals who make it. I dug it, and I shot a few photos to share with you.  Click through them above.

If you’re curious about what’s pictured above, here are some


  1. Alex says

    So jelly! Going up there in a few weeks but I’ll have to settle for a visit to the Vermont Food Venture Center. Have a super-amazing time! ^_^

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