Basic Kefir Sour Cream

Kefir sour cream tastes just like store bought sour cream except way, way better.  Making it is easy as…kefir.  Where you would normally pour milk over your kefir grains for you next batch, you will substitute cream.  Then leave it as you would kefir.  (My kefir cultures in about 12 hours in the summer and 24 hours in cooler weather).  Once it is thick and creamy (not totally set), you are ready for the tricky part, removing your grains. Okay, it’s not that tricky, it just takes way longer than regular milk kefir.  I hold my mesh strainer over a clean storage jar, spoon in some sour cream and then gently stir the mix with the rounded end of a chopstick, slowly pushing the sour cream into the jar and keeping the grains in the strainer.  Once you’ve strained the sour cream into the jar, stick it in the fridge where it will completely set into sour cream texture.  You are all done! You made delicious sour cream!!

Thick and creamy. Made with quality cream!

Thick and creamy. Made with quality cream!


    • Amanda says

      Absolutely, Laura. The only tricky part is straining them all out. If you have one of the grains, it’s super easy, but if, like many you have lots of smaller “florets” you’ll need to work a bit to get them all out. You can also culture using the kefir itself (instead of the grains):
      Have fun!

    • Amanda says

      Thanks, Kristin! It depends on how set it is when you strain your grains. I usually strain at night and it’s ready by morning.

    • Amanda says

      Hi Emily,

      I can’t say for sure about UHT since I’ve never tried it, but the science indicates that it should definitely work! Half and half won’t set up very thick, but heavy cream is spoonable.

      Please share how it turns out!



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