A Food Swap in Photos

In the Fall of 2011, Alexis, Marisa, Georgia and I started the Philly Food Swap.  There was a gap in the market, so they took off right away.  Every swap has been packed with talented local cooks and bakers. We’ve had so much fun.  There are people that I’m friends with now because of the Swap and it always inspires me to know (and taste) that there are so many talented food folks around Philly.  Last night was our smallest swap ever (a thunderstorm was predicted but only materialized after the swap’s end), but it had many, many charms. The location at the beautiful Wyck Historic Home, Farm and Garden was a salve for my green-starved soul.  The smaller crowd actually meant that I had the time to have lengthy conversations with some swappers, something that is usually a challenge in the hubbub of signing up and bargaining.

I’ve truly enjoyed the Philly Food Swaps over the years.  They are infused with energy and remain entirely about local food and community. There are so many wonderful organizations in the city who’ve supported us and and many wonderful people who’ve spent their time and energy making the amazing, shareable food that makes these events.  I won’t say a whole lot more, I’ll just share quite a few photos from the event! (There are lots, so most are after the jump and forgive slow loading times, please).

jarred goods for food swaps

Food Swap Haul

My personal haul for the night: smokey maple ketchup, zucchini butter, chipotle cherry BBQ sauce, Minted bourbon, giant nocello meringues, barley salad, asian pear chutney, blueberry zucchini bread and a gorgeous bunch of chopped mint.

cloudy pickle brine

One of my swap items this time was 1/2 gallon jars of half-sours.

Food Swap Card

The swap card for a popular item (infused booze always seems to be a winner, and these were particularly good).

Kombucha with  corks

I loved the look of these quirkily corked kombuchas

Biscotti at food swap Chipotle Cherry BBQ Sauce in jars Chocolate mint curly hair man with beard Food community Food Swap at a Farm Food swap attendees food swap boule bread Food Swap Items in Jars Food swap participants-2 Food Swap participants Food swap pickle labels Food Swap pickles Food swappers sampling Foodswap at a Farm Garden herbs  chocolate mint Infused liquors for food swap Italian Plum Jam in jar Man in hat at food swap summer pamphlet reading Swap participant Wyck Historic Farm Dawn, Bob, Jeff Zucchini butter dip zucchini kimchi

These banh mi were SO good! One kind swapper shared a huge platter of them on the potluck table

These banh mi were SO good! One kind swapper shared a huge platter of them on the potluck table


  1. says

    It was seeing Marisa post about your swaps that inspired a friend & myself to start our own up here. While it’s still a very small group, I have certainly met new friends and tried some fabulous new foods. Great shots!

  2. Sara says

    This looks like such a blast@ I really wish we had more of these in Madison–seems like we should have them here, right?

    • Amanda says

      Definitely! I encourage you to start one, Sara! Find a like-minded friend and a donated venue and tell everyone you know (also, email the local press!). Madison is ripe for a swap and the Philly version has definitely helped to bolster the DIY food community here!

  3. Zubayda says


    I looked into joining a food swap here in the Twin Cities and was disappointed to find out there was one in Minneapolis that was disbanded in 2012. After doing some digging, I discovered they chose to disband because of some demands that were made by the Dept of Health and Dept of Agriculture(something to do with canned items). I would like to start my own food swap. Is this a difficult process? Where should I begin?

    • Amanda says

      Hi Zubaya,

      Starting a food swap here was quite easy, and maintaining it has also been fun and easy! If there is concern from the Department of Health, I would definitely make sure that that’s straightened out before you put any effort into finding a suitable venue. I’m not sure how the laws vary by state, but no money changes hands at our swap, ever. We find venues willing to donate space and ask participants to bring goods for swapping and a potluck item if the desire! I would also recommend finding a friend to help. I asked my friend Alexis to help me start our swap, and as it turned out, she was friends with Marisa and Georgia who also wanted to start a swap. Having four has made it way easier. We each have simple tasks to manage so each swap after the first has been very straightforward. If you want specifics once you find out if it’s definitely possible to do a swap in Minneapolis, please contact me by email (I’m not the fastest at responding, but I’ll do my best).

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